Graduation Day

Making a Brighter Future

With the help of our community, we raise money to help our children pay for higher education. We provide scholarships to both graduating high school seniors and college students of Portuguese decent from the North Shore area of Massachusetts.

The Challenge

In order to keep our community striving, we believe that higher education must be a priority for our children. With the increasing pricing of higher education these days, paying for higher education is a daunting task. We do what we can to help ease the burden of our students.

Our Recipients

Our recipients are well accomplished students that continue to make our community proud, as they find success in a multitude of ways. From completing college, to finding admirable positions, to making a difference in many communities, we admire all the work that our students do.  We feel we can continue to help set up future generations to succeed!

Contact Us

To get in touch, feel free to email us at info@pafhe.com.

You can also keep up with us on Facebook.